Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving Thanks

As the holidays roll around this year, I look back and wonder where time went.  But then I look forward and realize that time has just begun.  I have so much to be thankful for this wonderful husband and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary this summer, we have two beautiful, healthy little girls and I get to spend every day with them, watching them grow and become the wonderful people they were meant to be.

This all hit home for me a few days ago when I sent a text message to a friend of mine who was expecting her first child.  My first text said, simply "Hey!  How are you doing?"  She replied with "I'm doing ok."  So then I asked her if she knew the sex of the baby yet.  She then informed me that she had lost the baby two months ago.  Wow.  First I felt like an awful friend for letting that much time go by without talking to her, and then second, and more obviously, I felt like a jerk for bringing it up.  I mean, granted, I had no idea, but I still can't imagine having to deal with a loss like that and then to have someone ask about the baby. 
She said she and her husband were getting better, dealing with the pain and left it at that.  I told her I'm always here if she needed to talk to me, but I know her well enough to know she probably won't talk to me.  She was always a very private person. 
After that conversation, I just sat here and thought about how awful it would have been if I had lost one of my girls, even before I met them.  I know how lucky I am every day, but having something like this happen just makes me even more aware of the blessings I've received in life.  Sure, I complain from time to time about tantrums and sleep deprivation, but if I couldn't imagine life any other way, this is the norm. 

So, while the holidays have always been a special time for me, this year they mean just a little bit more.  I'm just so happy that I get to spend them with my lovely family.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Times flies when you're...

...a stay at home mom.
I was informed recently that I hadn't made a blog post since October 1st and that I was "slacken"  :)  So, while the girls are eating their pancakes and eggs I thought I would update a bit.
I haven't had much time for blogging recipes, but with the holidays coming up, I'm hoping to be able to make some neat gifts and perhaps share those on here.  We shall see.

Yesterday my sister and I took the girls to the zoo.  It was second Tuesday which means it only cost $4 to get in (the girls are still free)  once I calculated the cost of riding the Max (which gives you an additional $1.50 off your admission, making it only $2.50) I realized that with the recent price increase in tickets, it was actually cheaper to drive and pay the $4 for parking.  I wasn't really looking forward to parking though because it always takes at least 20 min to find a spot. 
We pulled in and...whoa...the parking lot was pretty much empty.  I took a picture because I couldn't believe it.
This never happens.  But we parked and headed up to the entrance.  It was chilly, but dry and not very crowded so it was a great day for the zoo. 
Squishy spent most of the time in the wagon drinking from Munchkin's sippy cup or eating crackers.  Munchkin on the other hand was behaving really well and it made for a nice trip.
We were there for about 3 hours or so, I knew it was time to leave when I asked Munchkin if she could see the tigers and she replied "No! I don't wanna see them!"  :)
All in all, it was a fun day and I feel lucky that we're able to create memories like this for our girls.
With Auntie in the eagles nest

Look! Zebra butt!!
Riding the lion
Squishy checking out the Lorakeets
It was a long day...