Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall is here

Today, being the first day of October, really feels like fall is here finally.  I love summer, don't get me wrong, but I love fall just a little bit more.

First, there's Halloween.  Something I've always loved and am so glad to have children now so I can go trick-or-treating again!  This will be Munchkin's third Halloween and Squishy's first and I'm way more excited than I probably should be.  Munchkin wants to be Cinderella and since Squish can't tell me what she wants to be, she's going to be an Angry Bird. 

Another reason I love fall is getting to take the girls to the local pumpkin patch.  It gets a lot more fun as they get older too.  Going on the hay ride, visiting the animals and picking out the perfect pumpkin followed by a cup of hot cider, sounds like the perfect fall day to me. 

I've also found so many DIY decorations on pinterest that I just can't wait to try, I think Hubby might be getting annoyed. 

And then comes Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday...I love food...and getting to spend time with family. 
Our situation is a bit different though.  Hubby's parents live in Japan and of his two sisters, one lives in Boston and one lives just down the street.  That's pretty much the extent of his family.  My siblings have sort of spread out and I've lost touch with a couple.  My mother...well that's a whole other story, but lets just say I don't usually spend holidays with her.  Most of our holidays are spent with my ex-boyfriends family...yeah, I told you it was a bit different.  It seems strange, but it works.

This December is extra special this year since not only do we have Christmas, but one week before is Squishy's first birthday!!  Doesn't seem possible that in just 2 1/2 months my baby girl will be one. 

So much fun to be had in the next few months!  The holidays are such a wonderful time!

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