Monday, July 30, 2012

Bippity Boppity Boo

How can kids grow up over night?  It's like magic perhaps.  Munchkin has discovered movies and can now put a DVD in the player by herself.  If it has Fast Play she doesn't even need me to press play, the movie will just start.  This is a big milestone in my opinion, but it also means that she only watches about 20 min of a movie and then wants to put in another one.  I've seen the beginning of Bambi at least 6 times.  I've finally convinced her that we need to finished one movie before we start another, but man, as soon as those credits start to roll, she's up there hitting the eject button! 

And my little Squishy...or not so little, I guess...she just started crawling a week ago and she's already pulling herself to standing using whatever she can get her hands on.
Just standing around...
My girls are getting bigger everyday, which I know is what happens, but why does it have to happen so fast!?!? 

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