Friday, July 13, 2012

Mommy has a potty mouth...

I always thought it would be Hubby who ran the risk of having his swearing repeated once our kids got old enough to talk.  I didn't think about the fact that I would be the one with them for the majority of the day, every day.  I'm the one who got the first toddler throw up in the car...I got locked out of the house by that same toddler just the other day...why I thought I could escape "teaching" swear words is beyond me. 
Munchkin wanted chicken and french fries for lunch, which I have to bake in the oven.  No big deal most times, but today after having opened and closed the oven door several times, when the final timer went off, I tried to open the door and the handle came off right in my hand and caused the front of the door (not the whole thing) to come forward like it was going to fall off.  Needless to say, a word I would rather not have my two year old say, came out of my mouth.  It's a hard habit to break when things like this happen. And if course she repeated it immediately. 

I guess now is the time I have to make a decision, do I work harder on not swearing at all, or do I teach her that those are adult words and there is a time and place for them when you're older?  I know she's two and doesn't understand, but I think most kids swear to get a reaction from adults. 

Either way, I do need to cut back on the swearing (which I must admit, I've managed to do quite a bit, just not when oven doors come flying at me)

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