Thursday, June 21, 2012


When I decided to start this blog, I really didn't know what I was going to write about.  Quite honestly, I still don't.  I think I really just want to share my experiences with others, who may find it helpful or interesting or perhaps just something to read while their waiting at the Dr's office.  One way or another I just wanted to write. 

Today, after a very long, sleepless night being up with Squishy (not her real name, obviously), my 6 month old daughter, I'm trying to be productive mostly to keep myself awake because falling asleep on the couch while you have a 2yr old awake, is not something I would recommend.  So I decided to figure out something for dinner tonight.  The weather is finally getting warm, which makes me happy, but it also makes turning on the oven pretty much the worst idea ever. 

I also don't have access to a vehicle when my husband is at work so I needed to make sure that I had all the ingredients here.  Plus going on outings with a 6 month old and a 2 yr old is not something I do on my own very much out of pure terror of losing my mind (or worse, one of the kids). 
So, I searched through my Pinterest boards ( if you're interested) and found a recipe I've tried before with much success: Crock pot Hawaiian BBQ Chicken.  Delicious and easy. 

I checked the ingredients list:
Chicken - check (it's frozen, which I think makes it more moist)
Pineapple - check
BBQ sauce - check (no, it's not the one in the original recipe, but I like to try new things)
I also add a chopped up green pepper - check

All you have to do it dump it all in a crock pot (yes, mine is very was handed down to me by my grandmother who I was very close with so while I would LOVE a new, bigger one I can't bring myself to get rid of this one)

Cook it on high for 2-3 hours or on low 4-6 hours. I prefer to cook it on low, it seems like when I cook things on high they tend to get dried out, though it could also be because my crock pot is so old. Shred the chicken and make sure it all gets coated in the sauce.  Serve over rice. Even my hubby who isn't a big fan of white meat thought it was delish.

Well, as my first attempt at a real blog, I hope someone found this interesting.  :)  More to come I'm sure!

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  1. Yay mama bird I love it and will try this recipe for sure!!!