Thursday, June 28, 2012


As of around 1pm yesterday afternoon, I cannot find my wedding rings.  This is making me very upset.  I've lost plenty of things before, but not something that meant THIS much to me.  And it's the most expensive thing I own to make matters worse.
I know it's in the house somewhere.  I took them off before putting sunscreen on Munchkin before we went to the park yesterday.  I am 90% certain I set them on the kids table next to the couch.  Less than an hour later, I went to put it back on...and I couldn't find it. 

I looked in all the usual places I may take my rings off...the kitchen while cooking, the bathroom while showering, my bedroom, the girls room.  Then I searched under the couch, in the couch, in everyone of Munchkins toy boxes.  Nothing. 

I keep asking her "Did you take mommy's ring?"  She says "Yeah"  So I ask her where she put it, so far she's told me under her bed (not there) and in the light on the ceiling (no, I didn't look, but I'm pretty sure it's not there).

I'm at a loss as to what to do now.  Could someone have swallowed it?  I'm highly doubtful that Squishy could have gotten it down without choking on it and I would have noticed that.  Plus it would have had to have been on the floor first.  Munchkin might have been able to get it down without me noticing, but I would think she'd get an upset tummy or something, plus she hasn't been putting things in her mouth recently.  The only other culprit would have to be the dog.  Now, he's not known for eating things like poop, sure, but not rings.  I may have to ask Hubby to check out in the yard though...I guess you never know.

So, for now, I have a very large, fake looking (because it is) "diamond" ring on my finger just because it feels weird not to have something there.  I'm saddened everytime I look at my hand, but I know it's just a's not like I lost one of my kids or something. 

Still, it sucks.

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