Friday, June 22, 2012

To cosleep or not to cosleep...that is the question...

Well, last night went a little better with Squishy sleeping.  The last few nights, she has been wide awake until at least 11pm.  Usually she falls asleep while nursing around 9 or 10 and then goes to bed in our room whenever we go to bed.  The fact that she's 6 months old and still sleeping with us (both in her bassinet and in bed with me) has got me thinking. 

Today, I was reading some responses to a question about how your little one does or doesn't sleep through the night that was posted on The Leaky B@@b Facebook page.  Most everyone who said their child, didn't matter the age...from 2 months to 2 yrs...wasn't sleeping through the night consistently ALSO said they cosleep or bedshare.  There's obviously a correlation here. 

Now with my oldest, Munchkin, I had her sleeping in her own crib in her room by 3 months old because I went back to work.  She was sleeping through the night, or at least able to put herself back to sleep if she woke up, a lot quicker than Squishy.  Munchkin was also bottle fed from 4 weeks on, where as Squishy is still only breastfed (not by my choice, the stubborn girl refuses bottles).

Her still sleeping with us isn't entirely a bad thing.  Yes, I do think if she was in another room she and I would both get more sleep, but on the other hand it's the convenience that keeps her there.  At 2am when she wakes up, I can just reach over and pick her up to feed her without even getting out of bed (go ahead and call that lazy, but after 6 months of getting woken up several times a night, you'd be doing the same thing).  And if she wakes up anytime after 6am, I can just put her in bed with me and nurse while laying down so we can both go back to sleep, just like we did this morning.

So, it's just all got me thinking...can I sacrifice my comfort of being able to stay in bed in order to possibly not have to get up at all eventually?  How will putting her in her crib affect Munchkin's sleep, since they'd be sharing a room?  Do I really want to risk having both of them wake up every time Squishy is hungry? 

It's a good thing these kiddos are cute...they sure make things difficult. :)

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