Friday, June 29, 2012

They're not all winners...

Well, my first attempt at a recipe using puff pastry dough...let's just say, didn't turn out like I had thought. I figured it would be easy to make some strawberry turnovers for the BBQ we had tonight. I figured wrong. Last night I made the filling, that part was easy. I even took pictures to blog the recipe. Then today, after taking Munchkin to get her first professional haircut, I pulled out the dough and got to work. I guess I tried to fill them too full, but the filling was oozing out of the sides. I sealed and crimped the edges with a fork, refrigerated them as the recipe called for, and then baked for 15 min. I looked in the oven when there was about 6 minutes left to find every single one had burst open and the filling was bubbling out all over the pan. *sigh* I finished baking them and took them out of the oven. They were...uh...not so great looking. BUT....they tasted good!! So, the moral of this story is, I'm not giving up on puff pastry just yet! And I ended up with a ton of the strawberry filling left over (even though I filled the puff pastry too full) so Hubby is making waffles for breakfast, so I can have strawberries on top!! :)

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